Customized Collections


Specialists use various equipment to conduct experiments. In addition, there are different formats of biological samples, sample preparation protocols, volumes, number of aliquots, etc. Biobanks cannot create collections of all possible types of biological samples in advance, because a significant portion of the material would remain unutilized.

National BioService develops:

  • Institutional collections with pre-defined parameters to carry out own research projects;
  • Internal collections of most relevant medical conditions based on the typical inclusion criteria; processing protocols, and typical aliquoting;
  • Customized collections of biospecimens, whose properties the customers define themselves or with the help of our experts.

Custom collection variables can include, for example:

  • Inclusion criteria
  • Exclusion criteria
  • Biospecimen collection protocol (e.g., type of collection tubes)
  • Shipment conditions (e.g., temperature during transportation and time to laboratory processing)
  • Laboratory processing protocol
  • Format of aliquots (e.g., type of cryovials for aliquoting)
  • Volume of aliquots
  • Storage conditions
  • Volume and contents of biosample-associated information
  • Additional characterization of samples (e.g., additional laboratory tests)
  • Documents associated with biosamples
  • Other (e.g., temperature logs, etc.)

The extensive laboratory capabilities of National BioService allow for a wide range of laboratory processing protocols. Our protocols meet the diverse requirements of scientists in terms of centrifugation, dilution, aliquoting, etc. The company’s employees strictly adhere to the customer’s requirements, criteria and protocols approved during order handling.

If your studies require a collection of biological materials, created according to specific inclusion and exclusion criteria and processed under a specific protocol, do not hesitate to contact us. We shall gladly assist you!



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