National BioService (NBS) was founded. The company was created by Vitaly Proutsky and Sergey Anisimov, the Russian medical scientists, with the participation of the Biofund of Russian Venture Company (RVC JSC).


Beginning of operating activity. The first stage of the laboratory & biobank was opened in St. Petersburg. Oleg Granstrem, Russian medical scientist, joined the project. The team signed their first partnership agreements with medical institutions in St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod. Collecting of biological material samples for research organizations and drug development companies began. The company entered the international market as the first international biobank research contract was signed.


NBS confirmed the status of the first Russian Biobank and CRO. The company started expanding in Russia with the opening of the NBS-Volga division in Nizhny Novgorod. NBS obtained the SKOLKOVO resident status. Due to grant support from Skolkovo, National BioService launched its own scientific program to develop tissue macroarrays (TMA) for preclinical testing of diagnostic and therapeutic antibodies.


NBS achieved significant growth in the number of orders from domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies, R&D centers, universities, and startups. NBS started working with Big Pharma providing in vitro fertilization services. The company’s experts started consulting specialists of Russian state institutions regarding institutional biobank research creation projects. National BioService became the first Russian biobank to become the organizational member of the International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER), the company that defines the directions and rules for the development of global biobanking.


The number of laboratory research types that National BioService could implement was increasing. The company gained experience in executing more than 60 projects simultaneously. The partner network of clinical centers and the number of domestic and foreign customers significantly grew. The company opened a brand new division in Moscow. In addition, National Bioservice became an official partner of ISBER in Russia. NBS made an official Russian translation as well as published the ISBER Best Practices: Recommendations for Repositories


According to the decision of the Government, National BioService was instructed to create a national biobanking platform in Russia.
NBS reached the service level that fully met international biobank research standards as far as quality and ethics are concerned. This year, the company designed, developed, & introduced its own digital information system.


The NBS national biobanking network continued to grow. The company started working with more than 120 medical organizations in Russia. NBS laboratories began to provide cancer genotyping services. Supported by NBS, the project for studying hereditary cancer syndromes (oncobrca.org) was relaunched.
NBS opened laboratories and biobanks in Adler and Samara.
The company was awarded the Exporter of the Year in the Service Sector award by the Russian Export Center (REC) for the development of high-tech service in biomedical R&D solutions export.


National BioService in association with the N.N. Blokhin Russian Cancer Research Center started a joint study to determine minimal residual disease in operable forms of lung cancer — LUCARD (Lung Cancer Residual Disease).
Supported by SKOLKOVO, NBS launched a program for the development of standard biological material reference panels from patients with COVID-19. These panels are essential for the development of accurate and reliable tests for diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2.

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