Lab Services

National BioService offers a wide range of laboratory services of various degrees of complexity. All laboratory procedures are performed by qualified personnel, with extensive experience in Russian and foreign health care facilities.  NBS has implemented a process quality control system. Our staff undergoes regular trainings in accordance with approved Standard Operating Procedures. In addition, the company's experts perform a mandatory external and internal quality control of biological samples prior to sending them to the customer. Thus, we guarantee the quality of our laboratory services.

Our services include:


  • Freezing at various temperatures
  • Preparation of smears
  • Tissue fixation (FFPE tissue blocks, OCT, FF, viable tissue)
  • Production of harmonized and customized TMAs using FFPE and OCT techniques
  • Preparation of histological slides from FFPE and OCT-embedded tissues: unstained, stained, IHC-stained


  • Separation of plasma and serum from blood
  • Fractionation of any biofluids
  • Isolation and cryopreservation of PBMCs and BMMCs
  • DNA isolation, stabilization and quantification
  • RNA isolation with RIN calculation
  • Preparation of cell blocks from various biofluids
  • Establishing fibroblast primary cultures and their expansion
  • Isolation of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs)
  • Tissue dissociation and cryopreservation of viable cells
  • Isolation of lymphocytes from lymph nodes
  • Isolation of macrophages from sputum, BAL fluid, and pleural fluid
  • Isolation of specific cell populations (CD45+, CD34+, CD133+, CD138+) using magnetic-activated cell sorting

Molecular characterization of biospecimens

  • MAGPIX multiplexing (up to 140 panels for human, mouse, rat and primate samples);
  • RT-PCR
  • NGS
  • Flow cytometry
  • IHC
  • Tissue cross-reactivity testing

Preclinical studies

  • Tissue cross-reactivity studies for antibodies
  • MTT cell proliferation assay (for insulins)
  • Identification and purity of drug products
  • Identification, purity and molecular weight of genetically engineered drugs
  • In vitro genotoxicity testing of pharmaceuticals by single-cell gel electrophoresis (alkaline comet assay)
  • Measuring LC50 (half maximal lethal concentration) in cell cultures by MTT assay

Storage of biospecimens

Storage conditions depend on the type of a biospecimen and customer’s requirements. We use the following types of refrigeration and freezing equipment to store biospecimens:

  • -196°С (Thermo Scientific Locator 4 Plus, Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen Storage Vessel) for viable cells and viable tissue samples
  • -70–80°С freezers for RNA, serum, plasma, PAXgene samples
  • -20°C for whole blood, cDNA samples
  • +4°С for DNA samples

Room temperature is used for smears, FFPE blocks and histological slides.

Our laboratories are equipped with

  • conventional and high-speed centrifuges
  • CO2 incubators
  • inverted microscopes
  • magnetic cell separation and tissue dissociation equipment
  • tissue processing and embedding stations
  • microtomes
  • other equipment

Cell cultures and viable tissues are processed under sterile conditions.

Logistics for clinical trials

  • Biospecimen inventory management
  • Mandatory registration in the database (with storage positioning and tracking of all events)
  • Multi-level security and control system, alarm
  • Temperature monitoring with SMS alerts
  • Reserve freezers and backup power supply
  • Possibility of aliquoting and separate storage (on-site, off-site)
  • Possibility of laboratory processing of biospecimens and isolation of derivatives (e.g., DNA or RNA)

Don't hesitate to contact us about laboratory services of any complexity. We shall provide them professionally, efficiently and on time.


17A Litovskaya str., Saint Petersburg