Lab Services

National BioService provides a wide option of laboratory services ranging from ordinary to high-tech. All laboratory procedures are performed by specialists with rich international work experience in clinical and biomedical research centers. According to Quality Assurance (QA) System implemented in company’s activity our laboratory team takes regular training courses on established Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Experts of the company perform obligatory internal and external quality control (QC) before sending biological samples to a customer. Thus, we can guarantee the highest quality of our laboratory services.

Our services include:

Processing tissues and biofluids

  • Freezing at various temperatures
  • Preparing smears/slides
  • Tissue fixation:

     - Preparing paraffin blocks (FFPЕ)
     - Freezing in О.С.Т.
     - Flash-freezing (FF)
     - Cryopreservation of viable tissue

  • Design and manufacturing of harmonized and customized tissue microarrays (TMA) in FFPE and O.C.T. formats
  • Manufacturing of histological slides from tissues fixed in FFPE and O.C.T. formats: unstained, stained, IHC-stained

Other protocols

  • Isolation of plasma and serum
  • Isolation of fractions from various biofluids
  • PBMC and BMMC isolation and cryopreservation
  • DNA isolation and quantification
  • RNA isolation and RIN measurement
  • Preparation of cell blocks from various biofluids
  • Establishing fibroblast primary cultures and their expansion
  • TIL isolation
  • Tissue dissociation and cryopreservation of viable cells
  • Macrophage isolation from sputum, BAL and pleural exudate
  • Isolation of cell fractions (e.g., CD45+, CD34+, CD133+, CD138+) by MACS

Molecular characterization of biospecimens

  • MAGPIX multiplex analysis (up to 140 panels for human, mouse, rat and primate panels)
  • RT-PCR
  • NGS
  • FACS
  • IHC
  • Tissue cross-reactivity testing

Pre-clinical studies

  • Antibody cross-reactivity studies
  • In vitro cell proliferation assessment by МТТ test (for insulins)
  • Defining of medicine identity and purity
  • Defining of genetically engineered substances purity
  • PAAG electrophoresis of genetically engineered substances
  • In vitro genotoxicity assays (comet assay)
  • LC50 measurements for cell cultures, by MTT test

Storage of biospecimens

Storage conditions depend on biospecimen type. We provide the following conditions for biospecimen storage:

  • -196°С (Liquid nitrogen storage tanks of Locator 4 Plus type, Thermo Scientific) for viable cells and viable tissue fragments
  • -70-80°С for RNA, serum, plasma and PAXgene samples
  • -20°C for frozen whole blood and cDNA samples
  • +4°С for DNA samples

Room temperature for smears, FFPE blocks and histological slides

Our laboratories are equipped with

  • regular and high-speed centrifuges
  • CO2-incubators
  • fluorescent microscopes
  • cell sorting and tissue dissociation equipment
  • histological processing and paraffin embedding stations for preparation of FFPE blocks
  • other equipment

Clean zones are maintained for cell culture and viable tissue works.

Logistics for clinical trials

  • Stocktaking of biospecimens
  • Registration in the database, with storage positioning and tracking
  • Multi-level security and control system
  • Temperature monitoring with SMS-alert
  • Reserve low temperature storage equipment and backup power
  • Possibility of aliquoting and separate storage (on-site, off-site)
  • Possibility of laboratory processing of your biospecimens and isolation of derivatives (e.g., DNA or RNA)

Our laboratory team is looking forward to providing you with the professional well-timed service executed with the highest quality.


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