Laboratories and Biobanks

National BioService is the only one commercial organization that determines and develops the frameworks of biobanking industry in Russia.

The scope of the project is unique for Russia and for many other countries. Today NBS works in cooperation with more than 125 medical and scientific institutions in 30 cities. Among them are multi-disciplinary and specialized clinics, outpatient departments, private medical centers and biobanks. The company consolidates these organizations into a network able to complete large-scale projects of collecting biospecimens for R&D needs.

As a sign of service quality and robustness of our processes it should be noted that NBS has successfully passed due diligence and audits that allowed to become an approved supplier to the main top Pharma and technology companies (e.g. Roche Molecular Systems, AZ/Medimmune, Novartis, UCB, Daiichi, GSK, Abbvie, Pfizer, etc.), as well as to many smaller pharma and biotech customers in the US, EU, Japan and Israel. By now NBS completed over 800 projects and supplied large number of biospecimens in multiple formats representing numerous disease areas and sample types. The studies were done in accordance with the highest regulatory standards, e.g. for the FDA registration of diagnostic or companion diagnostic tests.

Our Laboratories

National BioService biobanking network includes five company-owned laboratories in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara and Sochi.

Our laboratories use high-tech equipment to perform medical studies of different complexity levels. The employees of National BioService laboratory departments are highly experienced professionals who have been working in the leading medical institutions of Russia and other countries. Realizing that sampling is a very important and sensitive process, we provide extra training and quality monitoring to all employees responsible for lab activities.

National BioService aims to create an extensive biobanking infrastructure in Russia, while involving as many medical and scientific institutions as possible to establish strong partnerships and strenghten own biobanking capabilities.


17A Litovskaya str., Saint Petersburg