The logistics of biological material samples is a process with its own specifics and complexity. This type of material is subject to specific legal and regulatory requirements, as well as to strict observance of corresponding temperature conditions during transportation of various types of samples.

Here are our assets in seamless logistics that we propose:


The National BioService logistic department employees are specialists with field-specific training and vast experience in working with the Russian Federation customs authorities. In addition, our logistic staff is well versed in the specifics of the biological material transporting process and the issuing of corresponding specialized permits.


National BioService strictly complies with the requirements of the Russian Federation and Eurasian Economic Union legislation on the export and import of human biological samples. Our company works closely with the regulatory authorities in the Russian Federation. We hold a full set of valid IATA certificates for packaging, labeling and transport of biological materials by air and land.


The company has implemented procedures for continuous monitoring and control of the safety of shipped materials. All biological specimens are labeled and sealed without exception. We ensure transportation of specimens under proper temperature conditions that depend on the biospecimen type.



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