National BioService is a co-founder and current member of NASBIO — the National Association of biobanks and biobanking specialists.

Supported by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, NASBIO was established in 2018 to solve the tasks of developing a full-fledged network of biobanks, repositories and collections of biomaterials in Russia.

NASBIO is striving to unite the efforts of Russian biobanking specialists to establish their interaction with each other and within the professional community. NASBIO’s activities are focused on implementing common standards and methodological approaches from international practice to Russian biobanks. The Association is also promoting, evolving and adopting mutual projects with research centers and pharmaceutical companies, as well as developing cooperation with relevant international organizations (ISBER, BBMRI-ERIC, etc.).

One of the key tasks related to NASBIO is to share the accumulated experience in the field of biobanking with all concerned sides including practicing clinicians and health-care institutions in Russia. For this purpose the experts of NASBIO hold regular conferences, seminars and scientific meetings the participants’ number of which is growing every year. An important step for industry development is the opening of the biobanking school supported by NASBIO.

The vice presidents of NASBIO are Oleg Granstrem and Sergey Anisimov, the specialists with extensive experience in biobanking industry development who also occupy top positions in National BioService.

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