Our principles

The business activity of National BioService is guided in accordance with the following criteria:


The procedure of collecting, processing and transferring biospecimens for R&D needs fully meets all requirements of current international standards for biomedical research support.


We fully respect the rights and protect the interests of all participants involved in our research projects. The biospecimens are transferred to the biobank only after goals of the upcoming research have been explained to the patient and an informed consent was signed.


The origin of biological material can always be traced back to the medical center that provided it to the biobank. We support researchers by giving them associated clinical information which is only required for study. A patient's private information is securely protected and never disclosed to the researcher.


National BioService complies with the current recommendations of the International Society of Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER), guidelines of ISO 9001 and principles of standardized laboratory protocols. We can guarantee that all biospecimens collected for our projects from more than 125 medical partner centers are processed in strict accordance with controlled quality requirements for laboratory protocols and clinical information management. All processes are conducted by trained researchers whose experience and qualification we constantly verify.

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