Quality management system

The NBS quality management system complies with provisions of ISO 9001 certification and is guided by the following fundamental principles:

Client-oriented approach

All projects are executed in constant dialogue with our customers and partners. We identify our customers’ needs and expectations prior to the start of a project, interact with them regularly during project execution and actively seek feedback from them after its completion, focusing on both quality of our service and customer experience. This helps us to improve our internal processes and introduce new services our customers may need while allowing us to use our resources more efficiently.

Leadership Team

Leadership team of National BioService defines the strategy of the company in collaboration with our employees, our customers and our partners and is passionately committed to going above and beyond customers’ expectations in terms of quality of our services.

Team engagement

NBS team is the most valuable asset of the company. NBS colleagues are the ones who help the company grow and develop every day. Every one of them is appreciated as a contributor to our collective success and recognized as an expert in their respective domain. All ideas are welcome and all views are valued. Therefore we have created space for open and frank communication and free exchange of ideas, the best of which are implemented in our activities.

Process approach

All standard business processes are strictly regulated and divided into stages. Each process is documented and records are maintained according to the requirements of ISO 9001. This helps us to efficiently use human and material resources, constantly improve existing business processes and introduce new ones. Our services and products are completely traceable and transparent.

Continuous improvement

We strive to adapt to the constantly changing environment, improve the quality and scope of our services and enhance customer experience. In order to achieve this we regularly review and upgrade our business processes and physical infrastructure, constantly train and develop our employees, actively explore and identify areas for improvement.

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