Vitaly Proutsky


Vitaly graduated from the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg and received his DPhil (Doctor of Philosophy) in Experimental and Computer Virology from Merton College, Oxford. He has experience as the Head of Information Support for R&D at AstraZeneca Russia (Russia and Eastern Europe), Head of the Bioinformatics and Predictive Medicine Center at AstraZeneca Russia (St. Petersburg, Russia), and Head of Bioinformatics and Biostatistics at Almac Group Ltd (Great Britain). In Scotland, Vitaly put together a biopharmaceutics and bioinformatics team. In the Netherlands, he led a project to introduce computer technology into drug toxicity assessment processes. After returning to Russia, Vitaly founded National BioService. Vitaly also launched the Genext project that allowed to import complex molecular diagnostic methods to Russia.


Sergey Anisimov


Doctor of medicine. Sergey graduated from the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg and started his medical career in Russia. He later worked in the field of molecular genetics and cell biology in Gerontology Research Center of the National Institute on Aging (USA) and Wallenberg Neurological Center of the Department of Experimental Medical Sciences of the Lund University (Sweden). Sergey participated in numerous research projects related to the design, development, production, and application of biological chips of different types, including NIA15K and NeuroStem platforms. He is the author of numerous scientific papers (his h-index is 24). Sergey returned to Russia and participated in the creation of a technological platform for the design, production, and application of tissue macro arrays supported by SKOLKOVO. Today, Sergey carries out scientific work and works as the Managing Partner and Operating Director at National BioService.

Oleg Granstrem

Development Director

PhD in Biology. Oleg started his scientific career at the St. Petersburg Institute of Human Brain. He participated in the neurochemical laboratory development at the Oasi Maria Institute for Research on Mental Retardation and Brain Aging (Italy). Later, he worked at Emory University (USA) where he studied molecular mechanisms of the brain dopamine system. Oleg is the author of highly cited scientific works on the study of neurological and psychiatric syndrome autoimmune markers that was conducted in collaboration with Istituto Superiore di Sanita Institute (Rome, Italy). After his return to Russia, Oleg coordinated launching and further activity of the R&D division for new medication development at the Geropharm pharmaceutical company (Russia). Oleg is the author of numerous scientific works as well as domestic and international patents. He is also known as the developer of the BBB-ELISA-Test, a diagnostic kit registered in Russia that helps determine the degree of damage to the central nervous system in traumatic brain injuries. At the moment, Oleg works as the Managing Partner and Development Director at National BioService.

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